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Beginner Tips for Sports Betting

Posted by on January 4, 2013

Common mistakes for beginners

We’re all beginners in sports betting at some point, so there’s no shame in that. However, don’t go in just expecting to win, without having to put any work in it. Sports betting is an art form which takes time to learn. This article reveals some of the most common mistakes that punters do when they get in to the word of sports betting.

Making bets on odds that are too small.

In many cases, newcomers reason that a game with extremely low odds is dead certain, as if the outcome was already determined. Considering the extreme small reward that a player gets for winning such a bet, and the fact that there’s still a certain probability that the result might differ from what’s expected makes these bets almost completely unnecessary. Do not bet on odds lower than 1.25.

Your multiple bets should not include a lot o selections

The probability theory proves that the likeliness of all outcomes are multiplied to find out the probability of a simultaneous occurrence of all the events. Therefore, if the likeliness of the first event is 70%, and 60% for the second event the average probability for both events occurrence is (0.7*0.6=0.42) 42%. In other words, the more selections you choose to include in your multiple bet, the less likely it is for them to all win. Some people might reason that the odds are getting higher, meaning they’ll win more. However, they forget that the bookmaker takes out a fee on each bet profit you make, which is about 5-10%, which can be quite a lot depending on the numbers of selections you choose to include in your bet.

Only play the sports you know

You don’t need to know everything about every sport in order to be good at sports betting. When choosing the sports you want to bet on, don’t think about which the most profitable sports are. Choose the sports that you love. This will benefit you in the long run as your knowledge in those sports will help you make better decisions when betting.

Don’t bet on games that are not important.

Betting on friendly games or warm up games for the season is an unnecessary risk. These games have to many random factors to make the outcome easy to determine. You could always expect the managers to give substitutes a chance to play, as well as players not going to hard due to lack of motivation among other things.

Listen to yourself

In the world of sports betting there are always a bunch of people “knowing everything” and won’t hesitate to give you advice, but don’t take this too seriously. We’re not necessarily saying you should never take advice, you sure can, but make sure to follow up on that advice with some research and thereafter make up your mind. It’s never a good idea to blindly follow advice from people you barely know.

Choose the best sportsbook

There are a ton of bookmakers out there, so why not play at the best ones. In general, the largest bookmakers are large for a reason. They have a great amount of happy customers. One of the bes ways to find the best sportsbooks is by browsing review websies such as Apuestas Deportivas. Usually the largest bookmakers can offer the highest odds in order to expand their customer base even further, accepting the slight reduction in profit from doing so. Large bookmakers are also known to have generous starting bonuses to their new players, meaning that you can get a whole lot of extra money for signing up with them!

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