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Binary Options Trading – A new and exciting form of gambling!

Posted by on March 13, 2013

Pretty much everyone knows about online gambling at this point. It has gotten massively popular within the last couple of years, much thanks to it being so easily accessible on the internet. A lot of people are interested in gambling, but not a lot of people have heard of financial betting, such as binary options.

I know what you’re thinking. Stocks, indices and currencies seems really complicated and hard to grasp, and yes, if you want to become a Wall Street hot shot, you inevitably have to dedicate your life to work. However, since binary trading entered the scene, it has all become so much easier. Binary options is an extremely simple, yet effective, financial instrument that you can use to make profit on different assets on the market.

A lot of other forms of trading, such as stock trading or forex currency trading, requires quite a large starting capital in order to make money. The profit you want to make there is more of a safe, long term kind of profit. Binary options offer the complete opposite, as it is designed to generate quick and large profits for successful investors. They way it works is very easy. A player chooses an asset in which he would like to invest. These assets could be stocks, indices, commodities or currencies. The goal of binary trading is then to predict whether that asset will go up or down in value before the option expires. So the trader then invests on a position and either Calls the option, thinking the asset will rise in value, or Puts, thinking it will lose value. He then chooses the amount he wishes to invest and then he gets to choose an expiry time for the option. The expiry times can range from sixty seconds up to a couple of days.

In binary options, there are only two possible outcomes to a trade. You either win or you lose. If you were correct in your prediction, you will get your initial investment back along with a profit, determined by the payout rate of the option you bought. The payout rates in binary trading are high, usually 70-80%. Find out more about binary options brokers, betting systems and strategies on binary options portals such as, or opciones binarias for spanish speaking traders!

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